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Tools for Hep C Strategic Planning

Join us tomorrow as we highlight the recent congressional call and action plan for HCV elimination in the US and the CDC HBV guidelines for universal HBV screening and vaccination. Register now! https://bit.ly/3L9DnXk #LiverTwitter

.@CDCMMWR reports that a decade after a breakthrough cure for #HepatitisC was approved, treatment for #HepC still fails to reach many Americans who need it. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3PA5DoY

American Liver Foundation's Corporate Council Meeting September 12th, 2023! @The__Liver @liverUSA #liverhealth #liverdisease #livertumor #livertransplant #hcv #hepc #hepatocellularcarcinoma #hepatitis #cirrhosis

#Clinicians 📣: Do you offer treatment for #HepatitisC? Add your practice/organization to @CDCgov's database to help patients #FindTreatment for #HepC: https://bit.ly/3ekm0Sy

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